Can you rest properly?

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March 30, 2017
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Can you rest properly?

It isn’t easy to rest. I would even risk saying that resting truly is an art. Seemingly so trivial, simple occupation and it turns out that it causes us so much trouble. First you will think: everyone can rest – there is nothing to do! Are you sure that you can answer unequivocally: How often should you rest? What does it mean to rest and how to do it? Do you feel happy when you are resting? Well, It isn’t so obvious, is it? 🙂 Maybe there’s a need to create an authentic resting guide? 🙂 What do you think? Could we try? 🙂

No rest is dangerous to your life and health

Some people believe they don’t  have to rest. They claim that their organism needs a dynamic lifestyle, being still in high gear. They don’t  sleep at all, drink hectoliters of coffee or energy drinks, eat accidentally and not necessarily well. Does it mean that some relax time is useless, redundant, unimportant? Yes, if you don’t care about your physical and mental health. A lack of conscious leisure can cause chronic fatigue, frustration, anxiety, weakness, depression. It also damages our relationships with others and professionally often ends with burnout. Therefore, it is important to remember that resting is beneficial for us!

Before starting to relax, set all parameters

Technically speaking, program yourself for resting appropriately, according to your personal preferences. We already know that a moment of relaxation is important for our health and a general sense of satisfaction. Therefore we must take the first step to bring into our daily routine the time to breathe, to get away, to relax. If we don’t plan such moments in our schedule, then after short time we will forget about it, surrendering to the vortex of life. It depends on you when, how often, how long .. and most importantly how you want to rest! But you claim that you don’t know how to do it? You know, just read on!

How to rest?

By your own way! There is no the one, the only and the best way to relax for all. All possibilities are allowed if they don’t hurt anyone. And they can be really weird, even illogical. Can you rest by walking 8 hours on the mountains? Sure! Can you rest while learning Italian? Si, naturalmente! You can rest by cleaning, boiling, but also in classic style: preparing a hot bath, where you can eat  your favorite ice cream straight from the box.

Resting near others

The company during our siesta is also a thing of taste.  So don’t be surprised when you hear that your always sociable husband is resting by stitching aircraft models in silence or when your sister refuses to read a book in the same room where you … read the book! Respect their decision and take an example – organize your rest only under your dictation!

Space for rest

If you read this text from the beginning, you probably guessed the answer to the question: where is the best place to rest. But if you are just interested this fragment of the text, I hurried to the answer that: ANY, wherever you want. It will always be associated with the form and style in which you rest. On the other hand, there are no limits here – feel well, safe and calm in this space. You can try to arrange a corner in your home – put a yoga mat or a rocking chair, hang a hammock in the garden or renovate a camper’s interior in your garage. Your life, your choise!

This guide at the moment is too much optional, don’t you think? Here are some obligatory points which you should absolutely follow!

The rest without feeling guilty!

Do you know that feeling? You’ve been already releasing a movie you’d love to see for months, but in the corner of your eye you see a pile of dirty dishes, a pile of ironing clothes and dust on the table top? There is the voice of the inner critic in your head who is chasing you for daring to enjoy the pleasure while the work is waiting … Turn it off, don’t listen, ignore! You have the right to rest, INDEPENDENTLY, regardless of the circumstances. Your health won’t be wasted if you wash your plates tomorrow, believe me for a word. Ironing doesn’t improve your mood, which is granted to your loved ones. Probably they prefer seeing your smile than ironed shirt, don’t you think? Therefore DON’T FEEL GUILTY WHEN YOU HAVE A REST! This principle also applies to work. You won’t be fired if you pick up the phone after your breakfast. You can spend your holiday without solving problems. Moreover, rest makes you more effective!:)

A break from thinking!
This particular time should also be free from overwhelming thoughts on what else we have to do. Try not to focus on things you Be positive, enjoy the moment! J Then resting makes sense!

Effective rest!

So we consciously decide to relax, which should give us satisfaction, happiness, satisfaction. We should feel better after it, that need it, and we will be happy to repeat that. It will happen if we don’t allow to take place beyond our control. Sometimes we spend the evening switching channels in front of the TV and we don’t feel we are rested! We are annoyed that we wasted so much time that we could do something else. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE RELAX TIME BRINGS SOME BENEFITS – GETTING YOU CLOSER TO HAPPINESS!

Summing up, real rest is recommended for adults, children, pregnant women and anyone, regardless of age, gender, political views, country of origin or other variables.

Have a good evening!

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Happy, Healthy, Inspired.

Karolina Skulska

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