What habits create your daily routine?

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March 8, 2017
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March 30, 2017

What habits create your daily routine?

When we are asked about habits, first we focus on these activities, which make us rather unsatisfied and are done mainly automatically. We are able to mention in few seconds about some bad habits like the habit of complaining, turning on the snooze after the morning alarm, giving critical comments all the time or postponing even important issues for later. We would like to get rid of them, change them once and forever, but our attempts fail. We know it will be difficult, because we act that way so many years, we can’t do differently … Is it right thinking?

Let’s start from the beginning

Before continuing, please take a sheet of paper and something to write to your hand. Ready? Now think for a while and write down those habits that make you feel happy. No, it’s not a mistake – HAPPY. Because habits can be debilitating for us, but it can also be beneficial for our happiness. And especially these second ones should not be forgotten, because definitely it is worth caring about them!


What are good habits on your list? Do you think it is enough?

It’s really great, because obviously there is no upper limit to the number of valuable practices! You can have so many as you only want and need! Moreover, the list can change, you can replace some by adding new habits and you can give them different priorities. Remember, the habits should serve you, you have control over them, you decide!

However, if your card remains blank or almost blank it means that there are a few things you can do with it …

Awareness and mindfulness

First of all, sometimes we don’t want to admit that some reactions, behaviors are our habit, although they are regular. Therefore it’s really very important to analyze their daily activities carefully. Think about the activities you perform often and with pleasure. Isn’t it wonderful that you’re able to find time for that? 🙂 If you are doing them without special thinking about the actions needed, almost mechanically – you can say that you found one of the good habits, which gets you closer to a happy life!

During the observation of your typical day, you realize, surely, also some negative habits. Think of them as a hint to help you find a decent, positive deputies on their place! 🙂

The world is an inspiration

Your potential and development in the field of working with habits doesn’t have to rely solely on your own experiences. Stories of people you meet, whether it is in the real world, whether via the Internet, are a mine of excellent inspirations! Maybe you fall in love with one of the habits of your authority? Just wonder about the people who are generators of positive energy and try to find out how their daily rituals look like? Maybe the secret of a joyful and serene aura of well-known personalities lies in this routine!

A little bit of discipline

What if there are so many ideas for habits and plans for their implementation, but they flee us in the jungle of daily duties? Here’s what you can do:

– Realize that it takes about 30 days of consistent repetition of new steps before it becomes a habit. With this knowledge you can’t  give up! 🙂

– Think that you work for consolidation of the desired behavior only once, but you can use it for whole life! Beautiful perspective, isn’t it? 🙂

– Associate the habit with something pleasant: you can listen to your favorite music during that or reward yourself after each successful completion of tasks 🙂 This way, your brain won’t feel compelled to learn new things, but will assimilate new habits easily and willingly.

Superhabits, which guarantee well-being

Good habits that become consciously accepted, always affect our sense of happiness. However, among the countless group of habits, there are those, which in my opinion fully deserve to be called SUPERhabits. They can be used by anyone, regardless of the age, gender, religious beliefs or blood type 🙂 They concern our mental zone, so additional circumstances like place of living, diet, lifestyle, income and interests also doesn’t matter 🙂 In every aspect they are unproblematic. And most important issue: they provide a better mood, shortening the way to the fullness of happiness 🙂

Are you curious which one I’m talking about?

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Be Super You – Find your super-power!

Happy, Healthy, Inspired.

Karolina Skulska


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