How to make the training more attractive? 9 effective tips!

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March 23, 2017
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How to make the training more attractive? 9 effective tips!

The situation when you feel forces to the training is a nightmare. Monotonous, tedious sets of exercises will lead you to failure faster  than bring the desired effects. If we add lack of strong motivation, it is very easy to give up and abandon hard-working discipline in terms of the activity. Fortunately, there are some good ways to avoid feeling bored and enjoy a training. Are you ready to get to know them and implement them into your training plans? 3,2,1 – voila! 9 proven tips below:

#1 Change the activity type

You decided to swim, but every time you find another excuse how not to go out to the pool? Consider whether the problem lies in the discipline you have taken, not taking into account your preferences. Maybe you just like team sports more than struggling alone? Maybe more pleasure you will get taking part in the zumba classes than doing the standard series on the belly, buttocks and thighs? Don’t be afraid of change! Find an activity that will give you joy!

#2 Sky is the limit

Some sports, for example, mountain trekking, are related with travels, others could be possible only at certain times of the year – this means that their frequency will be lower. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to only one type of exercise – the range of choice is so huge! I’m sure you will find something you’ll love to do every day!

#3 Use exercise equipment

A nice and effective variation for your workout routines will be the opportunity to take advantage of the well-known and accessible sport assortment or modern exercise equipment, which you will get in larger gyms. A Hula-hoop, a sash, an elliptical machine … Don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate! Check out if any of these gadgets will appeal to you 🙂

#4 Broaden horizons

Practicing yoga in the exercise room is firmly different than practicing on a meadow near the lake. You will experience the different perception and emotions during running along the forest paths and the other when you are jogging in the city center. The surrounding is important! Therefore, change the space where you are taking sports up! Thanks to this simple method, your training will always be very interesting!

#5 Team of dream

If you aren’t a type of loner, it may be a good idea to have a sport companion. A companion often mobilizes to action, to make greater efforts or to intensify work. Depending on the activity type common training can also incorporate a healthy competition, motivating you to achieve better results. However, often just being and talking to us is enough 🙂

#6 Move for culture!

It’s almost a miracle that new technologies allow us taking care both: a body and a spirit at the same time! I am constantly delighted that my training can be enriched with listening to audiobooks, broadcasting live concerts from anywhere in the world or learning course. You haven’t try yet? It’s a must! You’ll soon find out how addictive it is!:)

#7 Link to applications

Continuing the topic of technological achievements, I hurry to report that there is a whole bunch of fantastic applications that help us during the training: with calculations, statistics or tips. Often, they also have a built-in function of cheering us;) In addition to the practical options for tracking our progress, we can always share our achievements with friends. That way we can see our little successes and can build our self-esteem.

# 8 Small encouragement

First, define your goals, both general and more specific. Think about that: why you want to achieve it and how important it is to you. And when you start, don’t forget about creating your reward system! You can determine that the reward belongs to you after each workout or after a series of monthly struggles. It all depends on you!:)

#9 All holds are allowed

To be honest, this list could be never-ending story. In fact, any way to improve your workout is good if it is successful in your case. Perhaps you will be motivated by the laughter of the child, who will have fun watching your squats and pumps. Perhaps you will enjoy the exercise if you could train in your favorite ballet shoes, leggings or fencing gear. You may be having a great time recording your struggles so that you can compare your skills after a while. Great! Because it is all about training for pleasure!

And what are your suggestions and experiences?
Share them in the comment! Maybe we can create a very long list of useful tips for active people! 🙂

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Happy, Healthy, Inspired.

Karolina Skulska

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