February 13, 2017
April 19, 2017
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Would you like to feel confident and sexy in your body?




The Program of SUPERBODY – Your metamorphosis, not for one season! We get rid of unnecessary centimeters, blocks and complexes! We get a slimmer silhouette, healthier eating habits and more self-confidence!

Do you need some external motivators because you often lose determination? Are you tired by all these single-serving diets that generate only short-term effects? Good news: you are in the perfect place – what I can do for your is offering you this ideal program for you! Don’t linger – we move to action, go, go, go! We will track and analyze your habits, your approach, your locks! We will prepare together a nutritional and training program that your body will definitely love !!!

It’s absolutely worth joining the program. Why?

  1. Because it’s SUPER EFFICIENT. Within 6 weeks we work both within the physical and mental zones.
  2. Because it’s SUPER FIXED to you. Yes, there’s something what distinguishes this program from others available on the market – this is absolutely individualized! You are at the center of our attention – we are working intensively on your physical activity, on the specific way you eat, but also on what is happening in your mind.
  3. Because it’s SUPER ENERGETIC. The diet and training plans are the standard, but with my support you succeed it with great results! I guarantee constant progress checking, additional exercises and a huge dose of motivation!

Take the challenge! Change something in your life and feel the taste of satisfaction!

Join this exceptional program on the market!

How will it look like?

0. Start! 2 hours of consultation!

Get Ready! 2-hour consultation to get started! YES! Discussion and brainstorming will let us know where you are on your trip to physical activity and proper nutrition.

  1. The First Week – Personalized Temporary Plan!

We build the foundations of our activities –  Goals must have the good base!

We measure and develop a temporary nutrition and exercise plan, very personalized.

Why temporary? At the end of the course, you will be able to self-adjust it and create your new healthy ones.

 At this stage we also implement the first two healthy habits.

  1. The Second Week – Full immersion!

We are in our element! We fight bravely, persistently following the recommendations of the plan!

We learn about the first nutrients!

We get to know about the proteins – why, how much and when should we eat them?

This week we should see your first block, but you know what? We will discover and demolish it!!!

  1. The third week – 1000% commitment!

Losing motivation???? No way!!!!

A completely new set of exercises will definitely add energy!

And at the end of the week – a special face-to-face session about that how not to give up and maintain motivation!

Additionally, we learn when carbohydrates help us and when they harm. A few words about types of carbohydrates.

  1. The fourth Week – consistency and persistence!

First review of our activities! We check them to see if they slowly become a routine part of our day.

The next great advice await you! How to organize the activity and plan meals effectively without losing much time? It’s no secret anymore!

This week we focus on the fats in our diet! How to use them in the fight for a great figure? We analyze the types and amount of fats consumed.

  1. The fifth week – we overcome obstacles! / We do not give up!

We concentrate on your weaknesses, discuss them, and look for the best solutions for you!

We also work on your mental attitude!

  1. The sixth week – effects, effects, effects!

This week we boldly analyze the progress done!

We focus on your impressions, suggestions, fears, preferences!

We continue to work individually to work out the methods for many seasons!


Don’t wait!

Sign up today!


Be Super You – Find your super power!

Healthy, Happy, Inspired.

Karolina Skulska


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