The Idea of Be Super You

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March 1, 2017
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The Idea of Be Super You

„Without a brain well cared-for, the body itself is weak,
just as the brain without well cared body can’t grow.”
Karolina Skulska

The Idea of Be Super You has grown out of many experiences, the passion for physiotherapy and the love to travel, mixed with constant curiosity about the world and people and the search for ever better, healthy solutions that combine body and mind.

Sometimes for reasons incomprehensible at a given time, an intricately designed plan and vision become completely changed – it is a scenario that I know perfectly.

Therefore as a result of a coincidence of independent circumstances, as a graduate technician in physiotherapy, I went to Ireland, where I started the practice and gain first experiences rather than write my master thesis. In the same time I started my work of streamlining. It was the time in my life, which I call “the physical period”.

After a few years, when everything seemed to flow in a mannered rhythm again, I wanted to travel. The scenario was repeated, and I moved to England, where I live today. I had sorted out my life again and when I got to the point where both the personal and occupational spheres seemed to be in perfect order, I experienced a situation that changed everything once again. At that time I opened my eyes! I saw life and values from a new perspective, and decided to take responsibility for my life into my own hands. Thus, I started a new chapter in my life, which I call “Be Super You period”.

I build my actions on values which are most important to me. One of them is my family and doing anything, I only have to answer one fundamental question:
– Can my son take me as an example ?

While working as a physiotherapist, my clients taught me being humble, but also demonstrate the great potential that lies dormant in every human being. It motivated me to get coaching qualifications, so that I can help better in the area of ​​physical development. I also understood, that even the best exercise programs are futile without strengthening the mental zone. Psychology has always interested me, so I decided to turn my attention to the specific skills of coaching life. The combination of knowledge and experience in both fields, physical and mental, allows me to help my clients even better and more effectively. The more that in the seemingly ordered daily routine of work-home-duties-family-bills-the everyday life we often forget about ourselves and we lose our passions, joy, dreams … And then there comes a point where we open our eyes. Experience tells us not to give up, because our body has great possibilities, especially if we strengthen it through mobilizing the resources of positive energy that we carry in our hearts and minds.

The Idea of Be Super You is a combination of 4 elements that complete one another, building a coherent whole. This approach allows a holistic approach to you and your life.

Four pillars of Be Super You Idea

  1. Mind
    I base the work with the mind on the principles of life coaching, in which relationships and personal life are priorities . By finding and arranging priorities I’ll help You achieve a permanent change. Also I’ll help you find effective solutions that will simply be your new philosophy, a new way of life based on happiness and balance.
  2. Body
    For 10 years I have worked with patients and clients as a physiotherapist and in constant admiration of the inseparable connection that exists between our body and mind. With proven, functional and safe exercises, body and mind open up for the development and changes. Physical activity is very conducive to mental activity by providing the brain more oxygen and releasing endorphins, which are the hormones of happiness.
  3. Spirituality
    I meditate to find room in myself. I practice the power of visualization and meditation to support the achievement of the expected results and the execution of the objectives. In meditation, I focus on removing obstacles that prevent us from connecting with our inner self.
  4. Nutrition
    We are what we eat. Our food is the source of our strength or weakness. A suitable and properly balanced diet, built on individual preferences and medical indications is a very important part of our life, significantly affecting our comfort, and our psycho-physical capabilities.

If I work on the mental level, I use the body and the proper diet to raise your energy, and visualization to help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

If the emphasis is on physical therapy or physical training, I use coaching and visualization with a properly chosen diet to get sport-related results. Our mind is malleable, and if you just take care about your body, in addition to proper food, using the positive communication, You’ll gain access to very powerful motivational resources.

The Idea of Be Super You will help you build your unique combination of mind, body, reinforced by a strong spirit and tailored diet. By combining these 4 pillars that intertwine and complement one another you will gain a new balance that will help you build happiness and make your dreams come true.


Be Super You – find your great power!
Karolina Skulska

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