The meditation for begginers

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April 13, 2017

The meditation for begginers

I don’t think there is anyone among us who doesn’t hear about meditation. The associations with it could be probably very different, from the Buddhist monks to the yogis, sitting with eyes closed in Turkish and murmuring some strange monotone sounds. But do you know what the meditation actually is? How affects our body and soul? How to start meditating?

Meditation is a mind state of a thought-free consciousness, a peculiar purification of the mind, and its transformation into a state of tranquility and observation. Although it sounds like a banal activity, it is a difficult state to accomplish in fact and it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve it. But definitely it is worthwhile to invest your time and put into practicing some effort, because the meditation has proven, beneficial effects on our body.

First, you can ask: what are the benefits of meditation? There are a lot of them! It has a salutary effect on both the body and the psyche. When you meditate every day, you make many positive changes in your body, including:

  • reducing blood pressure,
  • reducing your heart rate,
  • changing the frequency of brain waves,
  • increasing dopamine levels in the brain,
  • reducing the concentration of lactic acid in the blood,
  • increasing the electrical resistance of the skin,
  • reducing the risk of many diseases,
  • increasing the resistance of the body,
  • accelerating a metabolism,
  • slowing down the process of cellular aging,
  • increasing pain resistance.

Of course, these are only a few of the benefits of meditation for the body J But if you still hesitate, it is worth mentioning also the psychological aspects associated with this practice:

  • feel the harmony of mind,
  • increase your acceptance and confidence,
  • improve your mood, humor, well-being,
  • reduce the level of stress and anxiety,
  • increase your creativity, concentration, mindfulness, vigilance, compassion,
  • reduce the feeling of loneliness.

How to start meditating? As soon as possible;) It is important to start by changing a meditation in a habit. Make that becomes an everyday ritual, such a daily morning (or evening) “toothbrush”. Learning how to meditate properly depends on regular training of the mind.

You don’t need anything special to start meditating  any special pillows for meditation, no special music, appliances, candles or other gadgets. Such things are helpful, they can encourage you to meditating and make the practice maybe more pleasant, but they aren’t necessary. What you need is the peace. It is very important to find a place where you can stay for a moment.

How to meditate correctly? There are many positions you can choose to meditate, but let’s start with the position that is most comfortable for you. You can sit down, lie down and lean against the wall, even stand up! Remember: the position is good for you, if you feel comfortable, warm and cozy.

The time of meditation depends on you, but I suggest a short session for beginners, e.g. 5 minutes a day. Such 5 minutes may sound ridiculous, but starting from something, as appetite grows, so if this time is too short – lengthen it. You can successively lengthen your meditation time every other week. Thanks to that, you will not even notice when you will be meditating twice a day for 20 minutes 🙂 Give yourself some time. The best measurable results can be seen after six weeks.

So you found a moment, you have the right place, you are in a comfortable position … and you think what should I do now? Now breathe, concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. Carefully observe this process and continue. Focus on the present. That’s all…. We are used to one million thoughts per minute and bombarded with excitement everywhere, so at this moment of silence and relaxation, you can expect a rush of thought. Nothing wrong, it is normal at first. The most important thing is to observe thoughts, not judge them. Let them roam freely. Inhale and exhale. Again concentration on breathing.

And now your are after your first meditation session – congratulations! 😉 Do you feel calmer? Relaxed?  Silenced? Probably yes, that’s good. Enjoy this, do it every day. For the health of the spirit and the body. For yourself.



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Happy, Healthy, Inspired.

Karolina Skulska


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