Helping people improve all aspects of themselves is what I do and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else!
Nothing gives me more personal and professional satisfaction than watching my clients
overcome their own weaknesses, watching them grow and reach for their dreams.
You could be one of them!
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But why me?
Surely, there are many coaches, right?
Almost as many as there are definitions of happiness.
Some life coaches put more emphasis
on personal relationships, ambitions
or managing character flaws, but my
approach is more holistic – you are
body and mind, not just one of them!
Luckily for you, as a qualified life and
wellbeing coach, personal trainer and
nutritionist with a solid background in
physiotherapy, I am an expert on both
and know how to combine healing
of the body with reviving the spirit!

I decided to become a coach
after I made my own journey.
It wasn’t an easy one.

A few years ago I had an accident that left me unable to perform my work as physiotherapist. For a full year
I was in recovery at home, unable to undertake simplest tasks myself.
It was a nightmare. Before the accident,
I was used to being independent, active and suddenly I became depending on others. This was the year that changed everything. It forced me to redefine
who I was and what I wanted from life and from that moment I just kept on moving forward.

Now I utilise my knowledge of different
cultures, previous people facing roles
and exceptional listening skills to build
strong, trusted relationships with clients.
Naturally empathetic, I am committed
to unlocking potential and delivering
sustainable results through the
provision of insightful support and
guidance, and delivery of individually
tailored programmes.

So let me help you uncover your true
motivation and achieve your goals.
Discover your full potential, the will
and the strength to overcome each
and every obstacle on the road to
your personal success! Contact me for
a free 20-minutes phone consultation
and see how I can help you supercharge
your confidence!