Sometimes, even if you don’t work physically, at the end of the day you feel
completely drained. This is the stress of everyday life and work situations
taking its toll on you.

Now, I have told you about personal training and nutrition plans, but this, this
is something really special. Viofor is an Electro Magnetic Stimulation Therapy
device which has been used in rehabilitation for over twenty years now to
treat conditions such as arthritis, chronic pains and sports injuries.

Energetic performance

So how does it work?

Using high frequency, low induction electromagnetic field boosts energetic
performance of your body.

The device improves your blood supply, so more oxygen is transported to
your body cells. This detoxifies and regenerates your entire body. It also has
an A-MA-ZING effect on your mental wellbeing by removing the feeling of
tiredness and making you feel relaxed while invigorated at the same time but
also provide much needed relaxation for people suffering from neurosis as well as
long-term anxiety or stress!


Electromagnetic therapy also helps to stimulate and rejuvenate the cells in
the body leading to improved health and well-being. It can also assist in the
treatment of a wide range of ailments
and some neurological disorders.

Say goodbye to sleeping and attention disorders and say hello to feeling
rested and full of vitality. This is bio regeneration taken to
a completely new level!