Can you take care of yourself? How do you do it?

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January 28, 2017
Explore 5 questions that will help you take responsibility of your life and with optimism move forward!
February 3, 2017

Can you take care of yourself? How do you do it?

Responsibility is such a word, from which most of us in the subconscious starts to escape.
And yet, according to the dictionary of synonyms, responsibility is to be a solid, honest, straightforward man who takes care! Since we succesfully exchanged responsibility for taking care, you probably think that in this case you are responsible, because you do take care!
However, the devil is in the detail and extremely important in this context is what you care? And how?

Over the years I worked with many different people and I learned that we are all great, and everyone is unique! The sad part is that instead of focusing on positive issues and to be optimistic, we do exactly the opposite … Putting all our the energy in intense thinking, what has not worked, what could
go wrong, who has fail or disappoint us… In this way we create reality, in which we are not happy.
Not at all!

Is that you who hold the wheel?

Responsibility, converted into care, from which we started is the solution.
Take care, take care of yourself, grab the reins in your own hands and by yourself guide your life!
The idea is to select the responsibility for our reality that surrounds us and to which we have influence. The idea is to take care of yourself, by taking responsibility for you and your life! And get rid of bad energy that comes from shifting the blame on other people or circumstances.
It is important to realize that every change takes time! Of course, the discarding of old newspapers
is one moment, however, it often takes time to mature into such a decision and finally do that.
Give yourself time and patience you need – start to take care of yourself! Remember that each step
is important and each step leads you closer to your dreamed destination.

To often we reject our feelings and intuition, and after some time we find out that they were accurate and we should follow them. Even in spite of your loved ones, all the wisest and the rest of the world. You know best what is good for you and most important at this particular moment. Listen to yourself and your intuition carefully!
Your work frustrates you, inhibit your growth or your loved ones annoy or disappoint, you, the weather is’n like you want, anything else on your nerves? Instead of getting angry and be sorrowful, think about what your options? There’s always something you can do! So what can you do to change what do not fit you? What really do you do to change your situation for the better? Even with the weather you can cope! It’s funny that when it is beautifully, we rarely see, only a cold rain provokes us to complain. Maybe it’s about time to change it?

Sometimes part of the change are some endings. However, keep in mind that each end
is the beginning! Therefore, think of what you can or should give up? What bothers you find your super powers and just be a happy man?

Experience shows that it’s enough to just stop for a moment in the everyday rush and dedicate this moment to itself, to see new possibilities. I believe in you! But if you need further guidance, I will soon introduce 5 questions to help you find your answers.

Be Super You – find your great power!

Healthy, Happy, Inspired

Karolina Skulska

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