Explore 5 questions that will help you take responsibility of your life and with optimism move forward!

Can you take care of yourself? How do you do it?
February 3, 2017

Explore 5 questions that will help you take responsibility of your life and with optimism move forward!

Remember how I wrote recently about the responsibility which we’ve changed for caring?
At the end I promised I would share with you five tips on how to take the helm of our lives into our own hands and beside taking care of everything that is important to you, take care of yourselves first and foremost! So sit back comfortable and read…
Here are five tips to help you find your answers! These questions have helped my clients many times, and I use them regularly. Because as important as is asking these questions for the first time,
is to constantly returning to them, so to help keep themselves on course.

  1. Take control!
    Something is important to you? On something you care about, or you dream of? Focus on that and act! In your own rhythm and pace, but act and go forward! Something bothers you, there is something you do not want? Say no or refuse and consistently, systematically remove negative energy from your life. I know it’s a challenge, but believe me, it is worth taking.
    Only on you depends how looks your life and how is your reality.
  2. At what time does your life goes?
    It is a pity to lose energy for constantly returning to the past and to refresh wounds. It’s good to learn from the mistakes and draw conclusions, but nothing more! Looking back over
    and over you just processed the same story with the same result. Instead,  richer in valuable lessons, it’s better use them and start “writing” a new story with a new, improved scenario!
  3. Respect yourself!
    How do you talk to yourself? What and how do you say about yourself? Objectivity and realism are important, but excessive self-criticism is a road to nowhere. Remember to brag about
    the successes and celebrate victory. Your mind hear you!  How you treat yourself this is most important! Only if you’ll give yourself respect, you can expect that other will also give respect to you.
  4. Take care of yourself!
    Saying “cobbler walks without shoes” did not take out of nowhere, I also know how it is!
    First, everything else is more important. Relatives, customers, business partners, neighbors, co-workers… And as long as enough time and energy, on the tail end of the list are you ..?
    It is time to reverse that order! Get some good sleep, eat healthy, tasty, nourishing, comforting meal, take care of your health, drink plenty of water, do as much as possible of what makes you happy. Share your energy and time with people who are good for you. All these elements contribute to your well-being! Find out how much you gain time, energy, if you first take care of yourself.
  5. Plan!

Hard to achieve anything without a specific vision and plan. When you’ll find your answers, you will learn what and how you want to change, sit down with a piece of paper, or the laptop and disassemble your visions for the next stages. Share a larger whole into smaller pieces.
It’s like a science: to ride a bicycle, you must first be able to walk, and to walk, you have
to learn how to crawl to which each of us is preparing for the first few months of life!
Your goals, ideas, projects did not meet magically and spontaneously just because you want them to come true. It is You who have your great power to pursue and fulfill your dreams!


Good news!

So much depends on how you feel about yourself, your life and how you react to what is happening
or not. That’s for you to decide. Good energy is multiplied by sharing and even smiling at strangers
and kindness in the rainy, November day can be strangely perceived, but it brings incredible positive effects!
Rather than focus on the bad and small things, everyday problems, change the perspective and focus on what gives you happiness and is most important to you. There is always a time and place for a new beginning. Regardless of what point in your life you are, you can always change direction, take care
of yourself, take responsibility for your life into your own hands and chase your dreams.

Be Super You – Znajdź swoją super moc!

Healthy, Happy, Inspired.

Karolina Skulska


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