I bet you have tried some training programmes before,
haven’t you? Maybe expect to see a rigorous, edge-of-starvation diet, don’t you?

Not my style!
With me it’s all about balance, so no working out until you drop, no dramatic cutting down on calories. You don’t want to punish yourself, do you? What you want and need is to get that hot body and bring out the best in you! And I am just the person to show you how!
Something went wrong and here we are, starting all over again? That’s fine as well.
With my help you will learn how to understand yourself and your motivation and at the same time learn how to adapt a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.


Getting your SUPERbody will not take a week or a month – it will be a process, but I promise you one thing – you are going to love every minute of it!

Starting from motivation and identifying obstacles you put in front of yourself, we will remove them one by one and then move on to learning about nutrition, healthy (and tasty!) eating. It is powerful knowledge that will help you take full control of your lifestyle by changing your daily habits.
Watching as your body changes, gains strength, shape and sexappeal will give you a huge confidence boost!
Looking into the mirror one year from now you’re going to say: ‘Damn, I look hot! Is this really me?’
Before you know it, you will feel healthier, sexier and happier than ever!
So, ready to get SUPERfit?

Health and Fitness


No exercise is without consequences to your body, so I will only recommend routines that are safe for your spine and joints, but at the same time will help you get in shape.
And just so you know – you’re gonna LOVE it!

To get your dream body you need to work on your physical condition, diet and have a switched on mind in order to stay motivated. No results can be achieved with just one, which is why my expertise in all three - coaching, nutrition and personal training - will be of such benefit to you!


As a personal trainer, I built a portfolio of clients from varied backgrounds
and provided specialist support in helping them
achieve their health and fitness goals.

I formulated tailored health and fitness programmes suited to individual objectives
and fitness levels, motivated clients to complete the programmes,
and provided advice on nutrition and general well-being.

I built solid relationships and played a key role in improving the lives of a wide range of people.